The Deposit Receipt

The Deposit Receipt


What you will get:

  • x1 Deposit Receipt to download and print or electronically complete when taking a holding deposit after a Test Drive (see the Test Drive form).
  • A clear set of Terms and Conditions for both parties for a safe transaction so that everyone is happy!
  • Our Advocate’s top tips and best practices for the deposit stage of the selling process.

What you can achieve:

  • Come prepared to receive a Deposit with a professional Receipt ready to go, all you have to do is fill in the blanks!
  • Clarity that both parties have a clear understanding of what is being sold/purchased and for how much.
  • Confidence that both parties are happy to enter into an agreement to document the sale transaction safely so that you’re both not just winging it (also see the Purchase Receipt Doc!).


The Deposit Receipt is the tool that you need to safely enter into a binding agreement for your sale and will bring you one step closer to sealing the deal. When created on the spot by private car buyers and sellers it is often rushed, with unclear terms but at CarsRus we’ve been using the same blueprint to successfully sell hundreds of cars for our clients for over 8 years and that’s why we know that this Doc is essential in any sale!

The Deposit Receipt is the second of 3 essential Docs that we offer at CarsRus. Think of it as your security. Be prepared, know what you’ve agreed to and have peace of mind with all of the sale/purchase terms.

When paired with a Test Drive form and a Purchase Receipt, you can achieve a smooth and easy sale! Don’t forget to check out the ULTIMATE Bundle to start saving!

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