& Imperfection Photos

Clarity. Honesty. Time. Three things that we know you value as a car buyer. When you are browsing through used cars on the private market it’s impossible to get all of the vehicles details just from an ad and photos. When equipped with a vehicles imperfection photos and a PPSR Report showing the write-off status, stolen status and finance status, you as a car buyer can determine if the vehicle meets your needs even before you come for an inspection. 


Don’t waste your time viewing car after car only to be let down. Our Auto Advocates will make sure you know what to expect at inspection.


Our clients cars are all used so our Auto Advocates want to be 100% transparent with you if the car you want to inspect has imperfections.


Our Auto Advocates will give you all of the information that you need about a car that you are interested in to make your buying decision easy and painless.

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    Please Note: The vehicles that we sell are owned by our clients and sold privately. Imperfection photos are taken before the vehicle is advertised with CarsRus Australia and are not completed by pre-purchase vehicle inspectors. Our condition report is a realistic guideline which is determined at the time that the imperfection photos are taken. Imperfections may vary over time. Buyers can organise an independent and unbiased pre-purchase vehicle check at their own discretion and cost. CarsRus Australia does not accept any responsibility for any errors, omissions, liability or loss suffered as a result of the condition of a clients vehicle before, during and after the sale. By requesting a PPSR Report and Imperfection photos for a vehicle, you understand these terms.