About Us

“They made my life so easy, they took care of everything AND got what I wanted”
Lina J (Real 5 Star Facebook Review)


"Our vision is to transform the way that every day Aussie's buy & sell cars privately"

The size of our team may be small, but the love that we have for the work we do with our buyers and sellers is astronomical.

We are a very unique bunch that brings over a decade of combined car selling experience and an array of awesome qualities to everything that we do at CarsRus. One thing that we all share is a passion for creating seamless customer experiences with a personalised touch, both online and offline. We love that we’re changing up the Automotive industry and that love shines through in our company values, our untraditional approach to selling privately and our 5-Star client feedback. We won’t settle for the traditional path that hasn’t changed much in over 40 years. That would be easy. Instead, we innovate every day and strive to make private selling more affordable, accessible, safer and easier for every seller, no matter their circumstances.

We are a family business that started (by accident!) in 2013 when we were helping friends, family and neighbours to sell their cars. Their results quickly spread across Melbourne and we’ve been growing ever since. Our mission is to be the leaders in the Automotive space by providing the most personalised and hassle free selling solutions in Australia.
We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our amazing clients and online community. On behalf of the CarsRus Team – We want to THANK YOU for supporting small business!




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