Hands-free private selling with a no sale, no service fee guarantee.

We help private sellers in Melbourne get the private sale price they want, avoid lowball offers and escape cleaning their car on Sunday for a no-show. How? With a local and experienced CarsRus Advocate!

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Traditional car salespeople keep resources and tips hidden from sellers, but we share them with you.
Sell your car in Melbourne with a CarsRus Advocate and one of our a 5-star selling solutions for a safer & easier sale.


Start with a no-obligation car appraisal

An Advocate will compare your car to the current online market to give you an honest and achievable sale price range.


Get ads that stand out in the martket

Your Advocate will come out to take professional photos of your car and our team will create your unique ad description to attract a buyer.


Be set up to sell privately, easily

Your Advocate will set up your car ads across major online advertising platforms so that you’re ready to take on your own enquiries!


Get a free online car appraisal

An Advocate will do the research and compare your car to the current online market to provide you with an estimated sale price range. 


Market-ready ads without lifting a finger

Your Advocate will come out for a professional car photo shoot and our team will create your unique car ad. We'll also manage your ads for you across the major online platforms.


Avoid buyers and avoid headaches

Experience the easiest way to sell from start to finish with an Advocate handling your enquiries, inspections and negotiating for you. You have control but you don't have to do the work.


Sell seamlessly and for a price that you want

Enjoy the safety net of our entire team as we take care of the payment, paperwork and handover for the perfect finish to a 5-Star private sale experience.

Why sell with an Advocate?

Because your Advocate is the only person you can call to turn your private sale hopes and dreams into a 5-star reality.  
Just delegate the parts of your sale that you don’t have the time, the confidence or the patience for to your Advocate!

Selling with CarsRus Advocates


Traditional private sale / trade in

Eye catching photos and an enticing car ad

Expert guidance and freedom of your own price

Every enquiry is handled and qualified

Test drive conditions imposed for safe inspections

Secure, cashless payment is arranged

Handover confidently with a secure record of the sale

A rushed and unprofessional car ad

Pressure to accept low offers

Time wasted sifting through tyre kickers

The risk of being stood up or scammed

Exposed to payment methods that aren't secure

Confusing sale terms and a stressful handover

Rated 5 out of 5 on Google & Facebook

As a small business we are SOOOO proud of our 5/5 stars! Our committed Advocates have over 10 years of combined on-the-field private selling experience and an unrivalled reputation for making sure that EVERY sale is safe and stress-free for both the seller and the buyer. We aren't perfect but we are human and we care about every person's experience no matter the value of their car.

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